emotional attraction in men

Emotional Attraction In Men

In general, men, certainly has something to appeal, be it an attraction for women as well as appeal to his fellow men. The appeal of a man usually involves physical attraction and emotional attraction (non-physical). In general, a man is usually preferable because emotional appeal. Although sometimes physical attractiveness is also a consideration. But the physical attraction without any emotional attraction, it will not make a woman or our friends  become really interested.

With the emotional appeal that consistently can be maintained, then it is likely to build good and lasting relationship with a woman or with a very big fellow man. Moreover, then added with adequate physical attractiveness .

What are the emotional attraction that should be owned by a man? The following is a summary of the various sources of the emotional attraction of what should be there in a man.

1. Honesty
This is an absolute to everyone who wants him liked by others. Impossible a relationship will be lasting if not accompanied with honesty.
2. Integrity
This, too, should be owned by someone who want to obtain a good relationship with others. Due to the presence of high integrity in a man, which is compatibility between said to that done, and is responsible for every word, then others can trust this man.

3. Unmerciful
That is to feeling to keeping up, does not want to hurt either physically or emotionally, be it against our beloved woman or toward our fellow friend. It is an attitude that can be expressed as a minimal form of affection. But if you do not have the bond of husband and wife, gesture of affection advisable not be shown with exaggerated way to a woman, because it could lead to a misunderstanding of the woman if the man was not really love her. Or even with fellow men if overboard in to express affection could result in estrangement if intention does not materialize.
4. Responsibilities
The responsibility here is a man must be willing to endure, to bear the burden or fulfill the right to something that happened because of his actions. Suppose if he is married, then the responsibility is to meet a living for his wife both physically and spiritually. If as a student, then the responsibility is studying diligently. As for the results, must be accepted that of course each person will be different.
5. Considerate
To be a man with a strong emotional attraction, must be grown demeanour attentive both to the woman who loved and to his fellow men. Any slightest attention to the woman who loved or to fellow men, it can strengthen the relations. Forms of attention as simple as offering help without being asked, giving a simple gift, always asked about on a regular basis and so on.
6. Humorous
Despite feeling less good at issuing fresh joke in communicating, skill conveying humor it's good to be learned so as to establish communication with loved ones or friends, so communication becomes comfort.

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